Kids’ Club

money-mouseHey Kids! I'm Money Mouse!

Become a Mega Saver and make $5 plus get lots of cool gifts!

Join the Kids' Club! Only at Yoakum National Bank.
  • When you open an account, Me and my buddies at Yoakum National Bank will match up to the first $5, plus pay you interest.
  • What an easy way to earn and save money!
  • Get LOTS of cool stuff like Money Mouse Official Certificate, an Official Savings Booklet, and more special Kids' Club surprises!
  • And kids, every time you make a deposit, your certificate will be marked with a special stamp.** Once you have 10 stamps bring your certificate to the bank for more exciting prizes.
  • Wait...There's More! Watch for Money Match Days, when the bank will match up to the first $5 of your deposits!
  • Don't miss out on more free money!

Kid's Financial Education Links

There are no service charges and 6 withdrawals per quarter are allowed. Club members should be 12 years and under, child must be present to join, and parent, grandparent or guardian must be a bank customer on a separate account (may be waived); $5 minimum deposit to open. An existing child's savings account may be converted to a Money Mouse Kids' Club account; Yoakum National Bank will match up to the first $5 provided the balance of the account is $5 or greater.
** Child must make the deposit to earn a stamp on the certificate. Parents may make deposits at any time, but they may not complete the certificate on behalf of the child. If the child forgets the certificate, a special sticker will be given to be placed on the certificate.