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About Yoakum National Bank

About Yoakum Bank Yoakum National Bank was chartered in 1890 as First National Bank of Yoakum with John M. Bennett as President. The name of the Bank was changed from First National Bank to Yoakum National Bank in 1907. The bank has actually had 4 locations in its 115+ years. It started out in a rented building on West May Street for a short time. In 1894 the bank purchased a building on West Grand Avenue and later expanded to the building next door. In 1971 the bank moved into is current location at 301 West Grand Avenue.

Yoakum National Bank stood solid through the Great Depression of the 1930’s because of deep roots in the community, strong and conservative management, (solid financial strength) and loyal customers. The bank also endured the deregulation of the 1980’s and has achieved progress with the slow and steady growth of assets and consistent profits.

About Yoakum Bank Yoakum National Bank has been a part of Yoakum’s development throughout the years. We have six officers with 150+ combined years of service to Yoakum National Bank and the community. Each of the officers started their banking career at Yoakum National Bank and worked their way through the departments. After time, they progressed to their management positions, learning the details of banking first hand. All of our officers are natives of this area and understand local customer's needs. Yoakum National Bank is locally owned and operated. The Bank has withstood the test of time, always meeting the changing needs of our customers and looking for ways serve you in the future.


  • Darlene Renken President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Jeannette Knezek Vice President/Chief Lending Officer
  • Elorine Sitka Vice President/Personnel
  • Glenn Renken Vice President/Loan Officer
  • Cynthia Morris Vice President/Cashier
  • Katherine Jendrzey Asst. Loan Officer
  • Mary Leck Asst. Loan Officer
  • Carla Metting Operations Officer
  • Sandra Morkovsky Internal Auditor/Compliance Officer
  • Shari Nobles Investment Officer
  • Vicki White Asst. Loan Officer


  • Dave O. Marlow Chairman
  • Sandra Bergey
  • Gary Boening
  • Otto R. Borchers
  • Gary Colman
  • Tom Kelley
  • Darlene Renken
  • Mary Shows
  • William Thiele
  • David H. Watson, M.D.